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About Flying Visit

Why List Your Business on Flying Visit

Let 7.1 million eyes see your business!

FlyingVisit.net is shown on in-flight video to more than 3.55 million potential customers each year.

What does this mean for you?

Local, national, global exposure.
Access to the lucrative international traveller.
24/7 exposure.
Select and Limited inclusion equates to exclusivity and individual high exposure.
Low cost, affordable participation.
High exposure of company logo and direct, tracked link to website or web presence.
Online bookings where appropriate.
Control and flexibility in advertising content.
Exposure on fastest growing communications medium.
Quality production of your company's information.

The internet is set to grow exponentially as a business, communications and advertising medium. Most business and frequent travellers are internet savvy and travel "connected" allowing easy access to FlyingVisit.net from any location.

Our audience:

- is business biased
- are key business decision-makers
- high percentages are "AB" socio-economic group
- is business and socially influential
- is well educated
- watch television the least
- are an interested, captive audience
- are in an uncluttered, perfect environment
- are the difficult to reach frequent travellers

Business and holiday travellers are conditioned to buy.

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