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Welcome to Perth

Information about Perth, WA, Australia

Welcome to Perth, capital city of Australia's largest state.

It's home to almost one and half million people, and its lifestyle embraces the stunning riverside and coastal areas that shape the city.

Perth is well laid out and easy to get around. Its warm, sunny climate, makes it a pleasure to discover.

Perth's most popular location - King's Park - perches high above the city. It includes 1000 acres of landscaped gardens and walkways and offers magnificent views of the city and the Swan River.

Working its way along the river, the city and South Perth is a 10 kilometre track known as "Round the Bridges". This path, ideal for walking or exercising, takes in the Conservatory, the Old Perth Port and Swan Bells.

Perth's beaches are a highlight of the city. These long stunning stretches of coastline include the very popular Cottesloe, City Beach and Scarborough.

And just short day trips from the city are three other Perth favorites; Fremantle the Swan Valley and Rottnest Island.

Fremantle, Perth's port, is a vibrant precinct that blends the past with modern cosmopolitan influences. It is rich in maritime and convict history as well as offering colorful markets, fashion, food and art.

North of the city is the Swan Valley wine region. Here among award winning wineries, there are many opportunities to enjoy great wines, foods, and arts and crafts.

30 minutes away by ferry is Rottnest Island. Rottnest 's beaches and crystal clear waters are perfect for all types of water activities including swimming, snorkeling, surfing and fishing. With limited motorized transport on the island, cycling is one of the best ways of exploring the island and it's many individual bays and beaches.

There's no doubt that Perth's outdoor lifestyle has something to offer for a wide range of interests.

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