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Chaise Lounge
Located in: Melbourne CBD

Descending into a QUEEN STREET basement, you will be enveloped by the eclectic flavor of Chaise Lounge.

Renaissance, Rococo and retro - this bar successfully combines thick red velvert curtains, side tables, Lavish gold framed mirrors and opulent polished timber chaise lounges.

Consistent with its diverse dÈcor, the mood in this bar varies dramatically over the week and even over the course of a night.

Monday to Thursday Chaise Lounge is a sophisticated cocktail bar where you can sip Chaise cocktails, enjoy the funky jazz tunes and absorb the surroundings from one of the dangerously comfortable lounges. Friday evenings commences with the suits in full force and then magically transforms into a glam house dance club.

Come and enjoy the vibe of Chaise Lounge.

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Where is it?        
105 Queen St
For urgent bookings:
T 03 9670 6120
Cards Accepted
Opening Times:        
M T W Th F Sa Su
Mon-Fri 4pm-3am, Sat 9pm-3am, Sun Closed