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Challenge Laser Skirmish
Located in: Out of Melbourne

Indoor and Outdoor Laser Tag Action Games

Registration paperwork out of the way, we kit out in Camo gear and divide into equal squads. Listen closely to the mission directors safety and equipment briefing. Set your Phaser to Full Auto or Semi Auto mode, fire up the Grenade Launcher, load a new clip. Use the high powered scope or the red dot. Hey that's the M41 Pulse Rifle Ripley blasted the Aliens with in ALIENS II.

'Uugh' So that's what happens when you're hit, up to 99 lives and 891 shots per game, WOO! 'AAARRRGH' Out of lives it does WHAT?! Is that an electronic Claymore Mine?! This will be awesome!

YES, I've got my hands on the Morita Sniper Phaser like in the Starship Troopers movie for the 1st game. Attach my Sensors to the front and back of the supplied hat and I'm ready for action.

Listen up, 15 minute Deathmatch, unlimited respawns, I'll do some damage this game. - Blew 'em away! What's next? Save the down pilot, 20 minutes, 9 lives each, 4 team respawns, ok lets go.

How did they do that? That girl got behind me, were was my cover man?! Ok redemption, Attack Defend, we've gotta survive on the plateau longer than them, 5 lives defenders, attackers 9. They have to wipe us out and take down our flag to stop the clock. Over my dead Scorpion light machine pistol they will! - Yes, back in front on points, mainly due to my taking out the defenders roaming snipers and disarming the Claymore. Looking forward to WipeOut and then the big one, Escort the VIP game. I'm goin' to save the planet man!

Can I be a Predator for the last game and wipeout the Humans? Cos I can take all these guys, specially that dark haired chick that got me in the 2nd game!

Phew, what a day, we won by 20 points! That kid, must have only been about 14, we worked real well on the left flank in the VIP game. Haven't had this much fun since, since, hey, I ain't ever had this much fun!

Glad they had those Gatorades and water for sale in the breaks, worked up a bit of a sweat there.

Have to get the guys from work to do this for our next sales conference, Challenge Laser Skirmish are mobile and can pretty much play anywhere you can play hide and seek! Maxs' Bucks turn could be a go too, Just see him in the dress they gave the buck in the Predator game, what a hoot!

Now give back these dirty overalls and settle back in the middle of the now serene bush surrounds. Tell of our heroic deeds and have a couple of quiet ones and a few snags, cooked on the free BBQ in the picnic area. Does it get any better than this?

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