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Located in: Melbourne CBD
Indian Cuisine

World famous Indian food, art, cultural and classical music!

We welcome you at Gaylord truly Indian International Restaurant.

We are proud to offer you one of the ancient arts of India - world famous Indian food, art, cultural and classical music. India is one of the oldest multi-cultural nations on earth.

Tandoori cuisine originated in northern India during Mughal time.

Tandoor is a large clay pot in which meat, seafood and some vegetables are marinated in yoghurt, fresh ground spices, aromatic herbs and then cooked on skewers. The juices dripping on the burning charcoal, mingled with smoke, contribute to the flavour. Many kinds of Tandoori bread are slapped on the side of the Tandoor oven for baking.

The name Gaylord has become international, having catered at international fair in Europe, the Middle East as well as the New York World Fair in 1964-65. We will provide you with exotic and authentic Indian food cooked to perfection and from which you may with confidence select from this menu, which has been developed by one of the best and world famous chefs Mr. Mushrraf, with 30 years' experience, giving all his secret recipes for your exclusive enjoyment.

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4 Tattersalls Lane
For urgent bookings:
T 03 9663 3980
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Mon-Sun 11am-3pm (Lunch),
5.30pm-11.30pm (Dinner)